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Product Technical Data Sheets

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Tactile ground surface indicators

CobbleTac® Porcelain
300x300 Porcelain paver
300x300 Granite paver
SureSteel® range
Stainless Steel, Brass and Aluminium studs

SureSteel® Directional
Stainless Steel directional
SureSteel® Select
Individual Stainless Steel studs with coloured insert or side
300x300 polymeric Peel&Stick tiles
600x900 Rubber Pad
Coloured polymeric individual studs and directionals
Coloured polymeric individual studs with stainless side cap
SureSteel® Plates
300x600 Stainless plates

SureSteel Transition Plates
600x1200 Stainless and Aluminium plates
Coloured polymeric studs and directional with install blade

Safety Stair Edging





CTA’s premium range, designed and manufactured as an attractive, durable stair edging for a variety of applications and are particularly suited for heavy traffic areas.

ProStep® Classic
ProStep® Square
ProStep® Carpet
ProStep® Twin
ProStep® Recess
CTA’s architectural range, for when a sleek, minimal NCC compliant stair edging is required. Available as angles and treads and in both silver and black.

PosiTread® Range
The rugged HiLight range uses multiple 10mm P5 rated carborundum inserts and is perfect for the most demanding applications. Recess and surface mount options available.

HiLight® FiveBar
HiLight® FiveBar Recess
HiLight® ThreeBar Recess
Provides the minimal, clean lines of the PosiTread range and the P5 safety of ProStep edging. SafeLine insert is available in 7 colours and can be applied directly to the stair tread.

SafeLine® Twin
SafeLine® Step
SafeLine® Tread
SafeLine® Tape

Mobility & Access Aids

Braille Signage DiamondGrip® Grab Rails DiamondGrip® Hand Rail Domes Glazing Decals Jetmarine Access Ramps

Civil Products

Bike Racks Skateboard Deterrents Bollards Height Clearance Bars

Floor Coverings

StepRight® Architectural Entrance Matting StepRight® Modular Entrance Matting Fordex® Marine Matting