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Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSI's)

Extracts from the National Construction Code

D3.8 Tactile Indicators

(a) For a building required to be accessible, tactile ground surface indicators must be provided to warn people with a vision impairment that they are approaching -

    (i) if used by the public-
      (A) a stairway; and
      (B) an escalator; and
      (C) a travelator; and
      (D) a ramp other than a step ramp and kerb ramp; and

    (ii) in the absence of a suitable barrier-

      (A) an overhear obstruction less than 2 m above floor level, other than a doorway; and
      (B) a path of travel meeting a vehicular way adjacent to a principal public entrance to a building, if there is no kerb or kerb ramp at that point.

(b) Tactile ground surface indicators required by (a) must be Type B indicators in accordance with AS 1428.4.

(c) A hostel for the aged, nursing home for the aged, a residential aged care building or a Class 9c aged care building, need not comply with (a)(i) if handrails incorporating a raised dome button in accordance with AS 1428.1 are provided to warn people with impaired vision that they are approaching a stairway or ramp.

BCA 2008 | Approved for use by the Australian Building Codes Board | www.abcb.gov.au


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