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Safety Stair Nosings

Extracts from the National Construction Code

D2.13 Goings and Risers

(a) A stairway must have -
    (i) not more than 18 nor less than 2 rises in each flight and;
    (ii) except as permitted by (b) and (c), goings (G), riser (R) and quantity (2R + G) in accordance with Table D2.13; and
    (iii) except as permitted by (b) and (c), goings and risers that are constant throughout in one flight; and
    (iv) risers which do not have any openings that would allow a 125mm sphere to pass through between the treads; and
    (v) treads which have a non slip finish or an adequate non-skid strip near the edge of the nosings; and
    (vi) treads of solid construction (not mesh or other perforated material) if the stairways is more that 10 m high or connects more than 3 storeys; and
    (vii) in a Class 9b building, not more than 36 risers in consecutive flights without a change in direction of at least 30; and
    (viii) in the cast of a required stairway, no winders in lieu of a landing.

BCA 2008 | Approved for use by the Australian Building Codes Board | www.abcb.gov.au


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