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SureSteel Tactile Indicator Plates

CTA Australia is proud to release SureSteel Tactile Plates, which are now also available in the SureSteel Select colour range. Architects and builders now have a choice of a standard stainless steel tactile stud or an enhanced range of coloured inserts including: Ivory, Yellow, Grey, Black, Terracotta, Green or Blue — all over a brilliant shiny template.

SureSteel Tactile Plates are easy to install and provide a cost effective method over difficult substrates such as escalator maintenance hatches, carpet with underlay and timber decking.

SureSteel Tactile Plates come with 6 pre-drilled and countersunk holes, so it's as easy as locate the SureSteel Tactile Plates and secure them down. They are available in 300x600mm sections which satisfy almost all installation requirement, CTA can also custom trim these plates to fit any shape.

Ask your CTA representative for a technical data sheet.


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