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One piece stainless steel construction with the SureSteel enhancement process

SureSteel stainless steel Tactile indicators are manufactured from a solid piece of 316 Stainless steel, so the Tactile head will never detach from the anchoring spigot. They are also processed in CTA Australia's proprietary SureSteel process to ensure your stainless steel studs look great and last the test of time.

Available in 3 basic styles

SureSteel stainless steel Tactile indicators are available in 3 basic styles, all with either a smooth or stepped side face and with or without a fixing spigot, including;
- Concentric ring top surface
- Grit in-filled top surface, or
- Concentric ring top surface with taper screw hole.

R13 Slip resistance

SureSteel stainless steel Tactile indicators are all R13 anti-slip rated, so you can rest assured your Tactile installation is safe with the highest possible level of anti-slip. SureSteel concentric ring and grit in-filled stainless steel tactile indicators, in either the smooth or stepped side face, exceed the slip resistance guide lines HB197.1999 for external ramps, walkways, pedestrian crossings and all requirements of the National Construction Code.

Easy to install with new patented Drill&Lock technology - No time wasting, instant commissioning

CTA is proud to release a new patented system which, some say, will revolutionise the installation of Tactile indicators. Drill&Lock-Technology is an innovative way of using basic engineering principals to eliminate the need for adhesive and often expensive specialist installation technicians.

With just 2 easy steps i.e. drill a hole and lock in a Tactile indicator, your installation is complete and best of all, you can do-it-yourself with our DIY Installation kit! SureSteel Tactile Indicators can be installed over concrete, bitumen, natural stone, ceramic tiles, pavers, timber, carpet and most other surfaces.

Simple grid template installation

CTA manufactures a complete range of interlocking templates to ensure your installation conforms to the Australian/New Zealand Standards. If you are installing, CTA can provide all the required technical support or we can supply/install anywhere in Australia through our extensive CTA approved and certified supply and installation network.

NEW, Economical EasyAs carpet installation system

The installation of stainless steel Tactile indicators over carpet has always been difficult and time consuming, not to mention the cost. CTA Australia is now proud to release the design registered EasyAs - carpet installation system which now makes installation over carpet fast, easy and cost effective. No more cutting valuable carpet, removing underlay, installing expensive packers and employing a carpet layer to reinstate the installation.

The EasyAs - carpet installation system is as easy as installing Tactile indicators over most other substrates and there is no risk of damaging expensive carpet.


SureSteel Tactile indicators are designed to meet all aspects of the Australian Standard AS1428—2009 Design for access and mobility—Means to assist the orientation of people with vision impairment—Tactile ground surface indicators, including the minimum luminance contrast and anti-slip requirements. SureSteel Tactile Indicators comply with the National Construction Code and exceed the anti-slip requirements of AS4586:2004, Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials.


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