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Product Specifications

SureSteel discrete architectural
individual stainless steel Tactile Indicators

CTA provides this specification with the intention of assisting architects in specifying CTA products. CTA encourages architects to copy and paste this specification in its entirety. All other use of this information is forbidden by copyright.

Specification of SureSteel Select discrete architectural stainless steel Tactile indicators:

Product: Tactile Ground Surface Indicators shall be CTA [product code] with a coloured [concentric ring top surface/smooth side face], manufactured from 316 marine grade stainless steel and patented R13 safety rated profile and new patented Drill&Lock fixing spigot.
Certification: CTA will verify and provide an official test report guaranteeing the luminance contrast and slip resistance in accordance with AS/NZS 1428.4 and HB 197:(1999)
Installation: Installation shall be performed in accordance with the manufacturers detailed installation instructions and in accordance with AS/NZS 1428.4 and the National Construction Code Section D Clause 3.8.
Material Data Safety Sheets: In accordance with safe practice, CTA will provide a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for all materials brought on site, to the site manager, prior to commencement of works.
Warranty and Customer Care program: CTA shall provide a Compliance Guarantee and product/installation warranty, prior to the commencement of works. Upon request, CTA shall submit an ongoing product maintenance program to assist the asset manager in maintaining a safe and compliant TGSI installation.
Contact Details: CTA Australia Pty Ltd – Phone 1300 282 282

Type / Function
Side Face
Colour Product Code
Hazard Smooth Drill&Lock patented fixing System Coloured Concentric ring top surface Insert Ivory CRPIS002-108
Yellow CRPIS002-112
Terracotta CRPIS002-124
Ocean Blue CRPIS002-135
Green CRPIS002-145
Grey CRPIS002-155
Black CRPIS002-160
Concentric ring with coloured smooth side face skirt Ivory CRPS002-108
Yellow CRPS002-112
Terracotta CRPS002-124
Ocean Blue CRPS002-135
Green CRPS002-145
Grey CRPS002-155
Black CRPS002-160
Photo-Luminescent "Glow in the dark" CRPS002-PL
Directional Smooth Standard Fixing Spigot
Coloured Concentric ring top surface Insert
Ivory DRPIS002-108
Yellow DRPIS002-112
Terracotta DRPIS002-124
Ocean Blue DRPIS002-135
Green DRPIS002-145
Grey DRPIS002-155
Black DRPIS002-160
Concentric ring with coloured smooth side face skirt
Ivory DRPS002-108
Yellow DRPS002-112
Terracotta DRPS002-124
Ocean Blue DRPS002-135
Green DRPS002-145
Grey DRPS002-155
Black DRPS002-160
Photo-Luminescent "Glow in the dark" DRPS002-PL

Note: patented Drill&Lock Technology and EasyAs carpet installation systems are only available in the concentric ring, smooth side face option.
Other options are available but only on request.

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