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Safe-T-Stud permanent anti-slip surface treatment

Safe-T-Stud is has been developed to provide a permanent solution to slippery surfaces in highly trafficated public areas and in applications where slippery surfaces can lead to significant risk. Safe-T-Stud is the solution when reducing such risk is paramount. Safe-T-Stud is a permanent solution and once installed will provide an R11 anti-slip rating for almost any hard surface including ceramics, porcelain, timber, vinyl and concrete.

Safe-T-Stud is manufactured from marine grade 316 stainless steel and will not harbour bacteria. It is designed to provide maximum anti-slip with a reduced surface area and will not hold contaminants such as water.

Safe-T-Stud is particularly suitable for:

  • commercial kitchens where an R11 surface finish is required;
  • shopping centres where dangerous and slippery surfaces are often the cause of slips;
  • schools where ramps can be easily converted to safe access ways, and
  • hotel foyers, where an attractive surface finish can be applied to preserve the aesthetic and safety.

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