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ProStep HiLight

The new ProStep 5 range of ribbed safety stair nosing combine premium performance and aesthetics with maximum flexibility. Designed for high traffic situations, this range will also add flair to any public area where style choices are important. The ProStep 5 incorporates an elegant rib profile. The five narrow inserts can be selected in any combination of black, safety yellow or grey to suit your design and safety requirements.

ProStep 5 has also been designed for maximum ease of installation. All extrusions are pre-cut and predrilled to order. They are supplied with all the necessary fixing screws and star plugs for installation on to any hard surface and are also appropriate on direct stick carpet applications.

Uniquely, ProStep 5 is supplied with 4 of the narrow rib inserts attached. The remaining middle rib includes a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing which is applied after the fixing screws. This means the fixing screws are hidden which improves the aesthetic value and also reduces the risk of tampering. The nosings inserts can be trimmed to length with a regular handsaw, so on site alterations are also practical.

In accordance with The National Construction Codes, the Access to Premises Standards AS1428 and the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), it is mandatory to provide a 50 to 75mm deep safety stair nosing to all steps. ProStep 5 meets all of the requirements and provides maximum safety for both indoor and outdoor applications. ProStep 5 is also available in a recessed option when installed against floor coverings.


Designed to conform to the Australian Standards and the National Construction Codes. ProStep 5 has a combined insert depth of 50mm and is supplied predrilled, counter sunk and cut to length, ready to install.

Product Range

ProStep 5 inserts are R13 rated for maximum safety and are available in 3 colour options: black, grey, yellow or a combination.


ProStep 5 nosing performs the duel task of looking good while enduring wear-and-tear. They suit any situation where design choices are paramount, including restaurant entrance ways, hotel foyers and lobbies and areas subject to significant public foot traffic.

As a surface mounted nosing, ProStep 5 is available in either a recessed or surface mounted option ideal for retrofitting or fitting to stairs where allowance for recessing has not been made or is not feasible.

This is a very high performing product, displaying outstanding durability in any internal or external application such as railway stations and egress stairways..


  • Highest aesthetic appeal
  • Designed and manufactured from reinforced tempered and anodised aluminum extrusion to provide maximum strength and extreme endurance
  • Supplied with R13 carborundum insert for maximum safety
  • Exceeds the anti-slip requirements of Australian Standards AS4586
  • Supplied pre-drill, counter sunk and cut to length, with PSA backing on the middle rib so the fixing screws are concealed during installation
  • Optional stainless steel fixing screws and anchors to ensure longevity
  • Can be retro-fit on to concrete, ceramic tiles, timber, carpet (direct stick) and most other hard surfaces
  • Conform to national construction codes and access standards.

Luminance Contrast

In accordance with the Australian Standards a minimum luminance contrast of 30% must be provided between the Stair nosing and surrounding substrate. ProStep 5 is available in 3 primary colours which allow specifiers to select the most appropriate luminance contrast for any given application and aesthetic requirement.

Complies with:

1. AS/NZS 1428:4.2002 Design for access and mobility
2. AS/NZS 4586:1999 Slip resistance classification for new pedestrian surface materials
3. National Construction Codes.


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