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PolyStud plastic Tactile indicators

Engineered tough with large anchoring spigot

PolyStud is engineered and purpose built tough to withstand extreme point loading and side impact, even over asphalt. The unique formulation and large anchoring spigot not only ensures the product is made to last, it also protects the substrate from any possibility of damage. PolyStud is long lasting, resistant to heavy traffic abuse and maintenance machinery.

Safe and reliable

Safety is the most important criteria when selecting a plastic Tactile Indicator. PolyStud is designed to provide long term anti-slip safety. With an anti-slip rating of R11, it is one of the best performing plastic Tactile indicators on the market. Ask your representative for our independent slip resistance report.

UV Stable

PolyStud is manufactured from a blend of new generation polymers to ensure long lasting, UV stable performance in Australia's extreme climatic conditions.

Easy to install with new patented Drill&Lock technology - No time wasting, instant Commissioning

The PolyStud anchoring spigot is designed to deform and lock when driven into a cavity. This creates a positive, strong and efficient means of mechanically fixing the Tactile Indicator to almost any surface. There is no requirement for adhesive, which means your installation is ready to walk on in minutes. PolyStud is ideal for public transport and other high traffic areas.

With just 2 easy steps i.e. drill a hole and lock in a Tactile indicator, your installation is complete — and best of all, you can do-it-yourself with our DIY Installation kits! PolyStud Tactile Indicators can be installed over concrete, bitumen, natural stone, ceramic tiles, pavers, timber, carpet and most other surfaces.

Simple grid template installation

CTA manufactures a complete range of interlocking templates to ensure your installation conforms to the Australian/New Zealand Standards. If you are installing, CTA can provide all the required technical support or we can supply/install anywhere in Australia through our extensive CTA approved and certified supply and installation network.

Large colour range

PolyStud offers product specifiers the option of retaining the aesthetics of the underlying substrate without compromising on Tactile performance. PolyStud is available in 6 colours to match almost any dcor. Colours include high visibility Yellow, Ivory, Grey, Black, Ocean Blue and Terracotta.


PolyStud Tactile indicators are designed to meet all aspects of the Australian Standard AS1428 — 2009 Design for access and mobility — Means to assist the orientation of people with vision impairment — Tactile ground surface indicators, including the minimum luminance contrast and anti-slip requirements. PolyStud Tactile Indicators comply with the National Construction Code and exceed the anti-slip requirements of AS4586:2004, Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials.


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