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PolyPad retro-fit rubber Tactile pads

Available in 9 colours

In addition to the 4 standard colours, PolyPad retro-fit polymeric Tactiles are now available in 5 new designer colours. So, whilst providing a 30% luminance contrast is critical in conforming to the requirements of the Australian Standards, creative designers and specifiers now have an even greater colour palette to choose from.

Colours include:
- Standard range: Ivory, Yellow, Grey and Black,
- Designer range: Sunset Orange, Terracotta, Sky Blue, Ocean Blue, Storm Grey

Flexible, easy to scribe and install

PolyPad retro-fit polymeric Tactiles are manufactured from premium polymeric materials and will contour to any substrate. They are easily shaped with a knife and are dimensionally stable so they wont move once bonded to concrete, bitumen, timber, pavers and most other substrates.

Retro-fit in 600x900mm format

PolyPad Tactile pads are available in 600x900mm format, so installation is complete by applying adhesive and sticking them down - 2 easy steps! The unique registered design of PolyPad delivers less joins, making moisture ingress and product failure less likely. No need for saw cutting and recessing. PolyPad is also available in 300x600mm format, so installation has never been easier.

Improved bonding technique

At CTA we understand the special requirements of managing public infrastructure which simply can not be shutdown for prolonged periods of time. So, we have developed a 2hour installation process with our proprietary MoreBond adhesive. CTA is an approved supply/installer for V-Line using this technique.

UV Stable and will retain colour over time

With over 20 years combined experience in the polymer industry, CTA Australia Pty Ltd has developed a unique blend of polymers which provide optimum UV stability and wear resistance without compromising on other physical properties. This unique blend also ensures PolyPad will not exhibit the unsightly effects of weathering or "Blooming" of plasticizers and processing aids. PolyPad will remain vibrant for the life of the product.


PolyPad retro-fit Tactiles meet the Australian Standard AS1428 — 2009 Design for access and mobility, part 4, National Construction Code, and exceed the anti-slip requirements of AS4586:2004, Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials. PolyPad Tactiles are guaranteed to conform to each of the dimensional requirements and provide safe and effective tactile cues for the vision impaired.


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