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PolyBlade offers an alternative installation option for plastic tactile indicators, ideal for large areas where the aesthetic disruption of a pad- or plate-type indicator is not wanted. The product is available in both stud and directional indicator formats, making it highly versatile and suited to a wide range of situations.

PolyBlade is easily installed onto most substrates using a saw-cut process. As with all CTA products, this can be organised by the builder or project manager, or CTA can arrange installation by our professional installers with guaranteed short turnaround times.

In accordance with The National Construction Codes, the Access to Premises Standards AS1428 and the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), it is mandatory to provide Tactile Guidance systems in areas which warrant warning of an impending hazard or where directional guidance is required. This is typically at the top/bottom of stairs and ramps; and when directing the vision impaired to areas of significance in large public areas, refer AS1428 for more detail. PolyBlade meets all of the standard requirements and provides maximum safety for both indoor and outdoor applications.


Designed to conform to the Australian Standards and the National Construction Codes.
  • Major diameter of 35mm
  • Minor diameter, 25mm
  • Head stud height, 5mm

PolyBlade has a standard flange depth of 10mm which mechanically fixes to the substrate. This installation method is proven over many years of application. A longer flange is also available for bitumen substrates. The blades can be cut to length to suit any installation length.

Product Range

PolyBlade tactile guidance products are R11 rated and are available in 5 colour options, including: black, yellow, terracotta, ocean blue and beige. Other colours available on request.


PolyBlade tactile indicators can be installed over most surfaces but are particularly well suited to concrete, exposed aggregate, tiles and other hard surfaces. Products are also available for bitumen substrates.

As a surface mounted product PolyBlade is ideal for retrofitting to most substrates where recessing of the surface has not been made or is not feasible. This is a very high performing product, displaying outstanding durability in any internal or external application such as railway stations and other areas subject to significant foot traffic.

PolyBlade is suitable for situations where the preference is for an exposed substrate, which precludes the use of fully integrated tiles and where there is a requirement for immediate commissioning after installation.


  • Available in 5 primary colours
  • R11 rated slip resistance and high luminance contrast, meeting both the AS4582 and AS1428 compliance requirements
  • Manufactured from specially formulated wear and UV resistant polymer for long term performance
  • Resistant to cleaning chemicals, oils and greases
  • Deep 10mm blade resists movement over time and reduces the risk of damage to the substrate
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Highest aesthetic appeal
  • Can be retro-fit on to concrete, exposed aggregate, ceramic tiles and most other hard surfaces
  • Conform to national construction codes and access standards.

Luminance Contrast

In accordance with the Australian Standards a minimum luminance contrast of 45% must be provided between the Tactile Indicators and the surrounding substrate. PolyBlade is available in 5 primary colours which allow specifiers to select the most appropriate luminance contrast for any given application and aesthetic requirement. Other colours are available on request.

Complies with:

1. AS1428:4 - Design for access and mobility
2. AS4586 - Slip resistance classification for new pedestrian surface materials
3. National Construction Codes.


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