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PaveGuide Pathway Markers

PaveGuide pathway markers are specially designed tactile tiles designed to highlight and define the outer most edge of a pathway and in so doing, guide the vision impaired safely and without the risk of harm.

CTA's PaveGuide pathway markers are manufactured from premium quality co-polymeric materials and able to withstand the harsh climatic conditions typical of the Australian weather extremes. They are UV stable and guaranteed to last the test of time.

PaveGuide pathway markers conform to the requirements of AS1428 — 2009 Design for access and mobility, and are suitable for the guidance of low vision pedestrians. They are bright Yellow in colour and provide a definitive edge to most pavements. They are suitable for applications consistent with railway and civil pedestrian crossways, which are typically bitumen and they are also suitable over concrete pathways.

PaveGuide pathway markers are quick and easy to install, by anyone who can use a power tool, with very little down-time.


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