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Introducing the new range of designer Jonite drain covers.

These smartly designed and clever Jonite drain covers are manufactured from agglomerated stone, and can be colour matched to the surrounding substrate.

Jonite drain covers will enhance the overall design and also add to the project. Architects will love the wide choice of colours that also help add to the overall design of the finished project. And Jonite looks like stone.

Jonite exceeds all requirements of strength and reliability, offering five times the strength of concrete. It can be manufactured to suit high load rating applications as well.

The Features

  • Remain cool in summer and can be walked on in bare feet
  • Have a solid feel and will not warp or rattle when walked on
  • Can be custom made for radius applications and to include council/company logos
  • Can be colour matched to any surrounding substrate
  • Ecologically friendly with Leeds rating
  • Excellent safety and anti-slip properties
  • High dielectric properties so will not transmit electrical current
  • Dirt repellent and will not tarnish over time

The Details


Jonite Stone (reinforced)


Pedestrian, Light Vehicular, Heavy Vehicular, Fire Engine Access and Aircraft moving areasJonite Stone (reinforced)


  • Light Duty (A15)
  • Heavy Duty (B125)
  • Extra Heavy Duty (C250)
  • Custom Heavy Duty (D400, E600, F900)


  • Compatible drain width - 90mm to 405mm
  • Thickness - 25mm to 75mm

Please contact us for General Specifications on Grating


Standard colours with an unlimited range of colour customisation.


Compliant with BS EN 124:1994


  • Custom Sizes, Colours and Patterns
  • IllumGrates┬«
  • L-Trimmer
  • Stud Trimmers
  • Custom Curve Grates
  • Custom Heel-guard Grates
  • Custom Lockable Grates
  • Custom Grates for Highly Corrosive Environments

High Mechanical Integrity

Jonite Stone (reinforced) gratings are engineered to sustain load performances from pedestrian to vehicular according to the standard as specified, and are compliant with International Standards such as BS EN 124:1994.

Low Heat Absorption

Jonite absorbs much less sun heat than traditional ferrous gratings, making it a more comfortable material to have around the house and in children's playgrounds. In addition, it has dielectric properties equal to porcelain, making it an excellent electric insulator as well.


Please call CTA on 1300 282 282 for our complimentary product catalogue or to arrange a meeting with a sales consultant.


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