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Fordex safety flooring

Fordex marine grade safety flooring has a durable, attractive surface. It consists of numerous diamond shaped nodules that are further abraded on the very surface to improve grip even in the most challenging of marine conditions. The surface nodules channel water away reducing unsightly & dangerous water ponding.

Fordex is available in 4 attractive colours to meet the aesthetic requirements of most internal and external applications, including Grey, Black, Ocean Blue and Safety Yellow. Custom colours are also available on request subject to quantity.

Fordex is manufactured from a unique blend of polymers to deliver optimum UV stability and wear resistance without compromising other physical properties. Fordex also contains a built-in fungicide to prevent bacterial growth that can sometimes lead to unsightly stains. Fordex also exhibits excellent resistance chemicals typically used in marine environments such as fuel, grease, chlorine and salt

A combination of specialized polymers and surface profile design delivers a high co-efficiency of friction in both wet & dry conditions. Fordex is rated R12 to ensure optimum safety and conformance with the Australian/New Zealand Standards for anti-slip AS4586:2004, Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials and the National Construction Code.

Fordex provides optimum performance in applications requiring a high level of anti-slip, such as: walkways, stairways, internal/external ramps, pontoon, marine decking, swimming pool surrounds, house boats and most other excessively wet areas.


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