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The Euro900 is the sports version of the traditional folding briefcase ramp, considered the work horse of the Jetmarine range of folding ramps.

The Euro900 includes an improved hinging system which makes this unit easier to fold with greater safety and manoeuvrability.

The Euro900 ramp by Jetmarine is lightweight and strong, weighing only 6kg but with a 240kg carrying capacity

Manufactured from tough glass reinforced plastic, it is easy to fold/unfold and position. It’s unique moulded up stands offers extra safety for wheelchair and scooter users and the high friction anti-slip top surface also offers optimum safety and anti-slip.

A soft, comfortable handle makes carrying effortless and doubles to retain both halves together when closed. Smooth contoured edges prevent personal injury and damage to vehicle interiors.

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 6kg
  • Length: 900mm
  • Overall width: 760mm

The Euro900 is sold in all good mobility product outlets or call CTA direct for price and availability.


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