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DiamondGrip Hand Rail Domes

Design Registered Product : Registration # 323986/7/8/9S

In accordance with the National Construction Code D3.8 (c), A hostel for the aged, nursing home for the aged, a residential aged care building or a Class 9c aged care building, need not include Tactile Indicators on stairways, escalators, travelators and/or ramps, as long as handrails incorporate a raised dome button in accordance with AS1428.1.

CTA Australia manufactures domed indicator buttons which also incorporate a Braille message and are available as a combination set, advising pedestrians they are approaching a stair or ramp from either an upwardly or downwardly direction.

DiamondGrip hand rail buttons also have the following benefits:

  • Come with a peel and stick backing which makes installation and compliance with the codes extremely easy to achieve
  • Low profile design to ensure they do not pose a safety risk
  • Manufactured from 316 marine grade stainless steel as a single piece
  • Durable, long-lasting
  • Match the style of most hand rail applications and;
  • Are highly functional, providing enhanced awareness i.e direction of travel.

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